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My name is John T. Potts and I call myself a COMPASSION ACTIVIST for LOVE and PEACE.  This is SUBTLE activism which differs from traditional front-line activistm such as marches, demonstrations, putting one' s body in front of a bull dozer, living high in a tree to protect the cutting of a forest, etc, etc. Subtle Activism is more an activity of consciousness or spirit exhibiting acts of kindness, charity, promoting social change including prayer and meditation for the World's needy and... peace.  It is intended to promote collective healing and social change.  It grows from the idea that there are many effective ways - some newly emerging, many as old as humanity - to positively influence social change other than overt political action.  At the subtlest level, even certain activities of consciousness or spirit can be recognized as social action. You will learn more about this form of action from reading my blogs.

My Background

I was born in 1938 in the US, raised as a fundamentalist Christian which evolved over many decades.  Later in life, I became more open to all beliefs and the oneness of all beings, animals, plants, the earth and universe... all joined together in a UNITY of spirituality.  However, regardless of one's beliefs about spirituality, we can ALL work together to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.  I continue to travel the world exploring many different countries.
My major career was 22 years in the U.S. Coast Guard retiring as a lieutenant commander and captain of a ship a long-time ago. A SUMMARY OF MY MEMOIRS (DOUBT AS OPPORTUNITY) covering the first 76 years of my life can be found at the following site:                  www.doubtasopportunity.blogspot.com
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